Biblioteka Prospero - Soft black stars
«Nezhnie chernie zvezdy» (“Soft black stars”)
2010, CD-R single, self release
  1. Soft black stars

This work reflects our love and gratitude to such a legendary formation as Current 93.

The choice of the song was predetermined by Michael Bode’s wonderful Russian translation. His respectful treatment of a word accentuated melodious beauty of the lyrics that inspired us for a instrumentally more extensive version of the song, craving to fill in some colourful details of ours.

That’s why Soft Black Stars, sounding originally rather ascetic, in our interpretation appear to be a kind of a night flight among black stars, angels, bird’s twittering, mysterious visions and miracles.

We’re grateful to all who helped us during this work. Thanks to David Tibet for the song. Special thanks to Vladimir Yarov, who made this release really possible.

Yury Samson — vocal, mandoline, clarinet;
Dmitry Lyapisa — synthesizer “Yunost”, tuba, percussion;
Maksim Zakharov — saxophone-tenor;
Edward S. — sound objects, sound design;
Yuriy Koval — original artwork.

News release

Dear Friends,

in time of autumn starfalls we’re glad to present to you our small but very dear to our hearts release — Nezhnie Chernie Zvezdy.

This work is somewhat unusual cover of the wonderful Current 93 song — Soft Black Stars.

The unusual, is that we do not use the original song lyrics but its beautiful Russian translation of one of the best Current 93 lyrics interpreters, Michael Bode, the editor-in-chief of the currently, alas, inactive portal otherfields.ru.

This release have been regularly postponed due to different reasons but nevertheless we’re glad to dedicate it now to David Tibet’s 50-th anniversary.

Also we’re pleased to announce that this release is free for downloading.

But for the real CD lovers we prepared CD-R single with Yury Koval’ original cover art.

So, we invite all of you to take a walk with us «under soft black stars» and we thank everyone involved in creating of this work!